The University Of Tokyo To Offer Courses In The Metaverse


Todai college’s courses in the metaverse are coming soon. Hundreds of applicants will be doing research. Besides that, many people will be able to go to college. 

The program will be available to college students from high school to adult students in higher education. The Todai project will address the lack of experts in digital transformation and advanced applied sciences. 

College officers also highlighted that learning within the Metaverse can create a state of affairs. Students and individuals who are unsure of the subject will be taught extra in e-mail techniques, artificial intelligence technology, and next-gen communication technology. 

A shortage of female engineers, so there is a push to draw more women to check the applications. A group from Fukuoka named the JACFA launched a digital assist room within the SecondLife Metaverse platform. 

The group works on re-integrating Hikkikomori again into society. The issue has been highlighted as an enormous social concern in Japan, and the thought is to allow Hikkikomori to obtain preliminary assistance without the strain of being face-to-face.

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