Marketing: Want an NFT of Your Face on 100 Million Cans of Hard Tea?


Despite interest in NFTs falling, web3 adoption isn’t stopping yet. Another American company that makes Hard teas is coming into web3. Web3 seems like it’s not over yet. Still, a new company is coming in.

Twisted Tea is one such brand of ‘Hard tea.’ They have announced that they are launching their first NFT. They are doing this in collaboration with Sesame3, a web3 platform for brands. The winner will get their face on 100m twisted tea can labels. 

Twisted Tea says their NFT “Can be held, sold and purchased using traditional payment methods without a crypto wallet. They are making it one of the most accessible branded NFTs to hit the market.”

They will be interviewed on the NFT on January 1st. Erica toady is the brand director of twisted tea. This is the third time we have had the opportunity to celebrate our community in a new space with the nft experts from Sesame3. 

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