ReNFT Announces New Funding Round to Accelerate Growth of GameFi in Web3


ReNFT is now a leader in digital asset rentals in the global gamefi Web3 economy. This $5 million round, co-led by Mechanism and Gumi Cryptos Capital (GCC), will emphasize investors who bring strategic value. 

ReNFT allows you to promote your scholarship management organization. It saves 15 to 30 % on rent and is more compact. I’m looking forward to seeing them again as V2 comes out. ReNFT uses real money and blockchain to play games. 

Their collateral-free renting and lending tools are already completed on the Ethereum and Avalanche blockchains. Guilds just opened some in-game NFT assets market, but they have guilds assets on the stock. 

ReNFT launched a v2 of its platform, which will provide the foundation for all upcoming rental integrations. The total value is now approximately a $1.5 million round of investment last year. The band ReNFT has gotten much interest, and it will continue throughout the year. 

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