MetFX Watch-2-Earn Announces Corporate Partnership with SafeMoon


MetFX is the first watch-to-earn global platform that taps into the strength and value of content. SafeMoon is a great NFT-Crypto platform, and we want to be able to use it for $MFX significantly. The new deal means MetFx can get your moon-safe community to its watch and earn metaverse. 

MetfX is the best, with its unique whole 3D movie viewing experience in home movies. The digital economy enables the creation of public screenings of all the latest blockbuster movies. The company is built like a Fortune 500 company and follows the same structure as us here at SafeMoon Partnership MetFX is a good company that is willing to adapt. 

You can develop, list, buy, and sell NFT cards. You should watch it to earn metaverse. The metaverse has NFTs that you can’t find elsewhere. The username is helpful for subscribers to streaming services, and you make a lot from watching it. 

SafeMoon is a human-focused technology and innovation business expanding blockchain developed for a brighter tomorrow. It is driven by the community of award-winning players, moving the game to improve it.

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