Decentralized Compute: Beating Big Tech’s Creeping Censorship


The Web3 is a decentralized peer-to-peer network that allows users to interact directly with each other without intermediates. Web3 projects on top of this technology enable decentralized applications like social networking and gaming platforms. 

Web3 projects need solid, reliable, scalable infrastructure. These include 3D graphics, streaming media, data reconciliation and synchronization, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML). 

I prefer AWS over other web2 services, such as Fortnite, which uses centralized infrastructure. The central cloud is a prime target for censorship and surveillance. Losing the content is the biggest problem for web3 apps.

It will be very disappointing for users if data is sent further from the data center than it takes for the info to travel back and forth. I am into IPFS and Filecoin if you prefer decentralized storage. Decentralized computing is a much better method than a monopoly. 

It would be better if it were web 3. Decentered computing is a new form of IT that could transform how we think about and use computing resources. 

It’s much cheaper, more relaxed, and more manageable, and there’s a new class of apps that are not rip-offs. Decentralized compute networks aggregate resources from around the world, bringing a more geographically diverse infrastructure than traditional data centers.

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