Metaverse Real Estate is Real — And Up For Sale By The Row


The Alexander Team and Everyrealm are trying to launch the first virtual metaverse community for members. The row is a project designed by a diverse collection of talented artists. 

It’s the first time a community has been created in the metaverse. If you’re a member, you’ll be the first person to report to you. The row’s virtual properties were designed by artists Daniel Arsham, Misha Kahn, AndréGlass box house, and any item that feels like the sun all day. 

The row of sculptures was a significant visual challenge. That’s the way it is. But in the metaverse, you don’t have to follow a lot. Five versions of ares house, each based on the changing colors of its exterior during different seasons. 

Each building has been labeled a “3D Architectural Landmark” and will be sold as one-of-one NFTs later this year. I hope more virtual landmarks are created in the coming months. 

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