NFT corner: How are LuluLand and Alien Secret Society NFTs faring?


LuluLand World is NFT’s location at The Sandbox. The virtual city contains a vast array of goods and services. It bills itself as an “advertising solution” on Web 3. LuluLand began creating the “Genesis” Premium Pass in May. You can get digital in-game items such as “Lulusword” if you have a pass.

The Alien Secret Society project is an exclusive business club called A$$ club. In Alien Secret Society, NFTs (9,999 in number) are linked to alien characters, with their uniqueness based on traits.

LuluLand World NFTs was released in may 2022, but the collection could not make an impact like Beeple’s or Pak’s artworks. A separate market called Lulu is also selling land NFTs. Its success or failure will become apparent in the coming months.

On the other hand, Alien Secret Society NFTs seem to have failed to attract high bids from enthusiasts.

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