Welcome To Digital Art Gallery Teleport, The Offline Version Of The Metaverse


Eremyan Teleport is presently considering having another metaverse art exhibition in Singapur. They worked with Raze, The Grand Hyatt, and Mizuno to create a unique product. The discussions have already begun concerning the possibility of a bigger exhibition in the near. Eremyan is helping a friend make a documentary about the future in 2017. 

He says that off-the-screen stories are a new skill and require different skills. Physical stores use virtual, augmented reality, and projection mapping to showcase their products.  

A McKinsey & co. the report called ‘The Metaverse’ said that economics could be worth $5 trillion by 2030. Harsa masks in hong kong had a 16m projection installation of stuff. Eremyan felt that they could be put to use slowly, and it can bring big companies in. 

Aaron Carroll: we have seen massive strides by brands in terms of gamification and personalization. He says it is time for brands to experiment in this space. Make some mistakes, learn from them, then see how they can reimagine.

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