One of Terra’s Early Investors Will Launch a Fund to Invest in GameFi


Gamefi updates: A third structure will be launched in the first half of 2023. A second 240 billion won ($180 million) fund with a similar focus will run out. In 2021, Hashed participated in the Terra Investment Round to raise $25 million. 

The former manager says he held 99.9% of his position before the go-hard period. He says his faith in the industry was not hurt, but he did not lose. Kim predicted that the virtual game world would become more interconnected with the real economy thanks to NFT. 

Users will be able to claim items that they buy in applications. This will create many jobs, exchanging assets between the virtual and real worlds. The movie The Metaverse was produced by Andrés Horowitz and amounted to $600 million.

Before this, Haun Ventures, led by former a16z general partner Cathy Haun, raised $1.5 billion in two crypto funds with a similar focus.

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