Facebook’s Meta Takes On Bond Debt, in a First


FB cofounder meta ended a run as one of the few significant firms without debt. Metaverse version meta has begun offering bonds to raise money for uses such as capital expenditures. Launching its first bond sale as it battles uncertainty and has to compete with TikTok. 

The company declined to comment but filed a complaint to the sec. Bogart: it looks very wrong, Bogart says. He says it’s a mistake, but it seems ok. It will be April 4th, and we will turn the company down.  

Some analysts say the company should have taken on a debt long ago. Its share price has been split by two, with more than $400 billion in market capitalization.

It is planning to aggressively grow its metaverse strategy, which requires a lot of aggressive growth. We will continue pursuing other endeavors throughout our careers.

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