Twitch co-founder and NFT gaming investor doubts the current model of “Play-to-Win” titles


Justin Kan, the Twitter cofounder, raised $35 million for his NFT games. “It seems to be something that is not quite clear,” he says. He also raises money for his other games on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The current model of titles generates doubts.

John Avlon: I have heard Kan’s talk with tech crunch via Business Insider.

Business Insider: He’s a good guy, but he doesn’t have much experience. In that, he said the only thing players have an opportunity to do is play to Win is terrible. It’s about doing basic, menial things, mostly from developing countries.

He says people are addicted to NFTs and video games and play them to make money. He doesn’t think it is viable, so the interest will disappear.

They want to make a real market where people play different levels of video games. Some players do not play well. They want people to be able to choose between different levels.

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