Games On GameStop’s NFT Marketplace Were Sold WIthout Developer’s Consent


The original creators created the games; they are now available on GameStop NFT Marketplace. Because it allows you to access games from your wallet, not JPEGs, it is a bit different. 

Galactic wars and Worm Nom, built by the Pico-8 Engineer, still freely exist on the Ice Game store. 4.6 ETH in Primary Sales Nathan Ello, the NFT minter, sold them for 0.019ETH and 0.052ETH. The developers didn’t allow them to be used this way. 

Ello’s game could be played from back to back, as well. The game is available for pre-order at Ello claims he minted the games without first asking the developers’ permission.

Bob Greene: com has a great game, nom nom, but it doesn’t allow commercial use. The original developers had no idea they were making rounds on other marketplaces. He says Ello would have put them in the same house, but he and Nifty are still saving stuff.  

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