6 GameFi Projects Worth Your Attention


Binance NFT is the best P2P gamefi project with many excellent features, like significant game drops and the first official initial game offering. The game is called ‘The Blockchain Game’ and is a turn-based card game. If you want to dive right in, read on to see the six gamefi projects worth your attention. 

Lucky block, the new crypto game is Bing, won’t be able to be purchased by other companies. LBLOCK was released in January 2022 and is now on cryptocurrency exchanges. Mines of Dalarnia is an adventure gaming project with action and a unique blockchain-powered real-estate market. 

The in-game assets of Mines will be available for purchase on the Binance NFT Marketplace from Q1 2022. CryptoBlades is a web-based NFT role-playing game that was first available on the Binance Smart Chain. 

To make digital products with Enjin, you must hold tokens into a smart contract. The native token of crypto gates is called SKILL, and gamers can earn it by completing in-game-specific goals. Game shows are something everyone enjoys and knows. 

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