Affyn’s “Generation Zero Buddies” NFT Collection Reaches High of Over 30x Original Value Within Six Weeks of Launch


Affyn’s ‘Gen 0 Buddies’ NFTs sold out within 100 seconds of listing. The company will launch several other rounds of NEXUS World Land sales. Affyn will also launch a series of ‘alpha: our journey from zero to one event on 30 September 2022. 

Com said our nonviolent technology would unlock new opportunities for individuals. He told us our technology would not be a threat to the environment but a security threat to society. The new floor price has improved since we sold our first NFT. 

The cost of our second NFT has also been much higher since we bought it. We are still selling our first NFT in the U.S., but we will continue to do so. We want to stay a player economy that has real-world utility and ultimately helps make our community more substantial and connected.’s john McCarthy says he wants to remain in the player economy and stay connected to our community. 

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