‘There Is A Change In The Way Brands Are Accessed By Consumers’


E4M Technologies says its products are available at prices, not including the digital version for the metaverse. In an ever-changing world of choice and radio marketing, products are not included in digital versions. 

Kaushik Mukherjee, co-founder, and CEO of sugar cosmetics, says 55 percent of people drink sugar. He says it is essential that sugar has always been a D2C brand, but not many people know. The big brands, rather than the small business, are in the same boat.

John Sutter: the more prominent brands aren’t in the ship, but the smaller businesses are in it. Big brands don’t have to compete with small businesses, he says. SUGAR Cosmetics, a two-way communication company Mukherjee said, “Today consumers watch videos longer than video games. 

Brands are changing how consumers do things, as is how we interact with consumers,” he said. “What is a niche product has now become a major brand,” says Mukherjee. He points to the importance of short-form content and how brands focus on getting influencers onboard to reach the masses.

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