The Sandbox (SAND) Struggles To Find Balance; Market Bulls Take (CRNO) To Sky


Metaverse updates: The bearish outlook of the market seems to be fading slowly and gradually, and several cryptocurrencies are returning on track. However, a few crypto projects still struggle to maintain a balance. One of these crypto projects is The Sandbox (SAND).

The price of  The Sandbox (SAND) is still a concern for promoters and investors as it hasn’t been able to maintain positive growth momentum. Meanwhile, (CRNO) ‘s new crypto project proved its worth during the recent market downfall. (CRNO) conquered high mountains when all the projects fell. Its value has grown by 560% during its pre-sale phase. The price of The Sandbox (SAND) has been swinging wildly, sometimes in the green zone and sometimes in the red. After showing growth for some weeks, The Sandbox (SAND) has fallen by around 0.71% in the last week.

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