“Own Part Of The Game”: AFL’s Debut NFT Project Sells Out In 12 Hours


Despite bank payment hiccups, the AFL’s first official nft collection sold out in less than 12 hours. Jordan Fogarty’s project will help deepen the connection between the AFL and its fans, who can now ‘own’ aspects of the game. 

The next ‘drop’ will arrive in a month, he said. This would include the ability for trading and marketplace capabilities. The league’s mint project launches the first NFTs after market tumbles. 

The com, a league star, signed a five-year contract this year. Given the high prices in the last few weeks, we’re delighted with the result. Some users describe difficulty transferring money from the bank to moon pay. The system will improve after reports of payment struggles. 

Moon pay is a service handling cryptocurrency transactions. Users claim that banks obstruct their ability to transfer funds. He says he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He said he didn’t think he would see if he could do that.

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