Would You Spend Four Hours A Day In The Metaverse?


Metaverse Updates: Bob Greene: if these companies do their work, we will be shopping, enjoying entertainment, and exploring. He says some of it was unreal, but it’s a part of what we feel about virtual worlds. 

Greene says he’s not sure if people are ready to experience these places, but they’re real. The metaverse will allow internet users to get immersed in virtual reality. It will be called “The Metaverse” and will allow users to interact with each other in real time. 

Neal Stephenson, who starred in a snow crash in 1992, said that the Earth existed parallel to reality, and Citizen avatars interact with one another. Report: 6 hours a day, compared to 18 hours for baby boomers. 

Online shopping, medical, and courses are the most popular activities. Report: Many things should be done to get back to work. Only 37% of respondents imagine participating in a business meeting in the virtual world. 28% imagine dating in the Metaverse.  

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