boAt and Digitas India Host FloAtverse to Tap into GenZ’s Fandom for K-Pop in India


Rising star awards 2022 entry deadline extended to august 29Indians will perform their first KPop concert in ‘Metaverse’ inspired by the belief that passion is present in every street and reel. Float attracted a whole lot of Kpop music. 

Cofounder and co-founder of Bat Aman Gupta. He says he enjoys the idea we are organizing. The term “Metaverse” does not apply to VR; it is just a custom GUI. We created a visual product, Floatverse, which blends cultural and pop themes with the latest technology for commercials.

We want a virtual world that blends pop and cultural themes. The application FloAtverse is a simple but brilliant method of highlighting the different artists and the unique content. The resulting film was more than a fanciful episode of cartoons.

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