Buy The Right To Build A Nakagin Tower Anywhere


NFT updates: There are plenty of futurists out there. Past may be wrong, but the future may be a better place to live. Futurist: I’m a futurist, not a narcissist, but a realist. It may not be the future, but it’s good to have a future. 

Today’s buzz is not confined to the ’90s. One of the most iconic buildings of that time was in Tokyo. The U.S capital was a significant tourist destination. A complete CAD model with an ISBN is being offered for auction. 

The auction includes an e-book of the complex and a copy of the building’s blueprint. It’s the first time a building has been auctioned in a city with skyscrapers. John Avlon: we haven’t escaped hell for quite some time.  

He says we are all looking to the future; maybe it is time to give futurism another chance. The title is Svetlov Artem, which was produced in 1998.

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