Survival And ‘Play With Earn’ In The City Of The Future


Gamefi updates: Studio Gihot’s long-time NFT metaverse project is the first NEMO game. Make an artificial city and create tangible assets in a saturated market. You will enter a fierce race for survival between the survivors, to become the ruler, or suffer the fate of the ruled. 

GaliXcity is the best game in the world. It has over ten years of experience in making games. Earn the veterans at Galaxycity fought hard to form a sustainable income. NEMO Token is a self-regulated algorithmic-based token with a constant rate. 

GaliXCity players get daily survival combat games PvE PvP AvA boss hunting NEMO tokens trading on the marketplace. If you own the land on the project, it will be registered with every project server.

John Sutter: if you love the world of virtual reality, you can start investing in NEMO coins. He says a stable token with a fixed exchange rate and a play-with-earn mechanism. Small investors get to buy tokens as a reserve, not afraid of big investors dropping their money.

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