Meta Adds NFT Support to Facebook, Instagram


Meta has in the past said that they intend to expand its platform to include support for NFT. Users can upload gold and silver coins to Flow, Polygon, and Ethereum by connecting their wallets Dapper Wallet, Trust Wallet, and Meta just posted the news on a Twitter post.

Com started supporting wallet connections with dapper, coin base wallets, and the flow blockchain. The makers and collectors that purchased the tickets were the first to post their digital collectibles on Instagram. 

Collectors’ items can be videos, art, music, images, or trading cards. Meta is attempting to give its users more flexibility by adding features that can allow users to showcase their posting skills.  Flow, polygon, and Ethereum are among the supported blockchains that can be used with this service. 

Meta is working on comic animals for NFT. The company is also working on displaying NFTs through Instagram Stories. 

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