Coca-Cola’s ‘Share a Coke’ Campaign in China Introduces Metaverse Music Festival


Metaverse Music Festival: Coke is rolling out its new coke festival in china. Participants will share a coke with a friend. Coke lovers have hundreds of fun drinks in the summer. Coke created the metaverse-inspired 3D avatar game and chained share challenge system for its music festival.

You can use the avatar and play music battle with your friends for free. Each game has a coupon for a lucky draw. Players invite their friends to join in the challenge, and their avatars will all appear on stage simultaneously. 

We are uniquely placed to help clients create an impact in the current macroeconomic landscape through the cross-capability OpenX team setup. This campaign is a fantastic example of the power of borderless creativity in producing work that generates stronger bonds between the brand and its target audience.”

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