Chainplay Report Reveals 3 In 4 Investors Join Crypto Because Of GameFi


Survey: 51% of existing GameFi investors are making GameFi. 89% of participants admitted decreased profits. 62% said they lost more than half of their earnings from gamefi during the previous six months. 

21% blamed the price decrease on the reward tokens. 15% said that the blockchain gaming sector bubble had burst only 6% of the time it is all about the winter market. In addition to declining profits, the time investors spend on GameFi decreased compared to 2021.

During the first half of 2022, they invested an average of two million dollars. This compares to a year ago when the investment in a game was worth a whopping $2.3 million. 73% of investors said they would NOT invest in criminal activities like rug pulls and Ponzi schemes. 

More than a quarter said that Gamfi did a lousy job, and another 28% said crappy graphics hindered the system. You would know the essential drivers for the new game in 2022.

44% say that the GameFi sector has grown because traditional gaming companies joined the field. The sector was up because of the AAA Games, the Lottery, and crypto and financial backing from institutions.


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