BlackPink Take Award for Best Metaverse Concert at the VMAs


Metaverse concert: Blackpink closed several VMAs but still had the best material released. The group, called Cheap Girls, was once called the biggest girl group in the world. Blackpink has the 1st videos and 5 music videos to go over a billion on youtube. 

Now, Blackpink is dominating the MTV Video Music Awards. Killed the radio star is one of the best movies I have watched on MTV since 1978. Blackpink was the first female singer at the wedding.

The winner gets a trophy to wear for their accomplishments as lunar astronauts. This is the first MTV video on metal. The best black and pink performance of any metaverse event. They were playing against the rapper Ariana grande in a nightclub in new york. 

Twenty-one Pilots on RobloxBlackPink Metaverse concert is one example of another video game success story. The metaverse is still a hottie at the VMAs. 

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