King Of Legends – Gamefi Project With The Passion Of Two Young Developers


The gamefi project features the Passion of Two Young Developers. Robets has a game project called King of Legends. I believe that is my fault. He holds an MBA from Stanford University and a bachelor’s degree in computer science. 

Robets is an eloquent investor and former senior manager for a venture fund. He quit his job as a senior manager with a good income and began a new and risky journey. The blockchain game GameFire was going crazy in 2021. Willy is an incredibly successful marketing professional making impossible things possible.

He has an M.S. in Marketing from Georgetown UniversityProbably, the best school in marketing. There are a lot of companies out there, he says. Gamesfie 2021 is a crypto player with more than 20 years of experience in crypto. 

The crypto market has been improving since the pandemic. The ‘play to earn’ model is attractive. King of legends is a profitable game ecosystem that supports all players, from investors to game developers. The movie will be one of the greatest movies with a multitalented team and a hilarious ending.

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