Top GameFi NFT Projects on BNB Chain You Shouldn’t Miss


BNB Chai is a more centralized dApp in the decentralized space because it is faster than Ethereum. More than 500 games are running on BNB Chain. Check out gameFi, which allows players to store tokens in the game. 

TYMINIA combines NFT, Decentralized Finance GameFi, and Blockchain game universe for a unique experience. You can purchase up to 100 tiny heroes NFTs and start your tiny world journey. 

The game has received more than 600,000 views in the past 30 days and is the top NFT game on the internet. Tiny World has three games to try out: Tiny Farm, Tiny Kingdom, and Tiny Dungeons. Gamefi NFTs make blockchain easy and fun to play.  

Era7: Game of Truth combines fighting and strategy to make the game thrillingly immersive. Despite the bear market, BNB Chain is very good for games. CyBall has nearly 6,000 users, $28,000 in volume and 19,000 transactions. 

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