An Esports Metaverse Startup Cofounded by Cricketer Kumar


Kumar Sangakkara cofounded an esports platform, and it raised US$2.5million (A$3.2m) in seed funding to play the sport in the metaverse. Singapore Bank Holdings and Public Belt in Places are the companies to visit. 

Behavil is a startup in Sydney based on the software BHAVILL. It was launched this year and allowed players to buy and train. Behaviol is launching a game using artificial intelligence-based virtual cricket. 

The meta11 technology will be introduced to bring AI to esports on the metaverse. The meta 11 technology will bring a new level of AI to the game. Cricket is my background, and it started at 22 after 15 years of playing my country’s football.

In the world of esports, there’s so much talent here that will shape my career. Cricket is an exciting chapter in history created to create an exciting cricket forum for fans and players. “It is essential to attain a professional level of entertainment,” he says. He believes in technology in behavilla, and it’s essential to achieve a professional level.

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