Ethereum Domain Names Top NFTs as Most Traded Asset on OpenSea


ENS domains are #1 on the NFT marketplace OpenSea. Driven by a 170% jump in sales over the past 24 hours, the Ethereum Name Service flipped the Bored Ape Yacht Club in seven-day volume.

In the past week, ENS trading volume surpassed 2,305 ETH or $3.76 million, representing a 43% week-over-week increase. The Bored Ape Yacht Club saw a parallel 43% drop to 2,126 ETH.

Nearly 9,000 ENS domains changed hands in the last seven days, compared to 16 BAYC NFTs. But the ENS floor price—the lowest price for an item in a collection—is less than $16, or less than 0.01 ETH, whereas the lowest price of a BAYC NFT is 76 ETH or about $124,000. 

The change will switch the Ethereum blockchain from a proof-of-work algorithm. The network Sense is the only place where users can register a computer.  

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