The Most Potential Phenomenal GameFi in 2022


The gamefi creator created was promoted in Times Square for 15 days until the new movie. Players can build, cast chain heroes, recruit miners, combat power, and participate in city battles. 

Overall, Create (Heroland) remains relatively healthy based on recent land auctions, card draws, and currency holders. According to the major communities in Heroland, players are still very accepting of the project’s progress and the currently available features.

There may be a big explosion if the September plan can be fully realized. The current popularity of the game is primarily due to the spread of major communities, which has attracted many players. This is a good start for the official marketing of the project.

From the encyclopedia introduction of Create (Heroland), this is a model between land and miners (landlords provide miners with increased productivity and combat power protection, miners pay taxes to landowners, etc.), and it is also a blockchain oil refining model.

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