Blue Chip NFTs 101 – Azuki, A New Kind Of Brand For The Future… And A Scandal


One of the critical turning points for Azuki was a Twitter Space conversation. Andrew Wang interviewed Zagabond, one of Azuki’s founders, on May 10th, who revealed that he had been involved in a few NFT projects that failed.

People freaked out because it sounded like rug pulls. There hasn’t been a recovery in the collection’s floor price. A collection of original CryptoPunk copycats. The first collection to receive a DMCA takedown from Larva Labs.

OpenSea delisted the CryptoPhunks as a result. In July 2021, Zagabond abandoned/transferred Tendies to all holders. Tendies did not capture the imagination of the NFT culture and ended up shutting down midway through minting. 

CryptoZunks is a collection of randomized and on-chain generated Punks. It is guaranteed that every Zunk is unique from any other Punk. It failed because of Ethereum’s expensive gas fees.

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