Disney Plans To Leverage Tech For Enhanced Storytelling


“The next generation of storytelling” by Disney is Chapek for the metaverse. He wants to use data from theme park visits and streaming habits to help offer personalized entertainment services. 

He says the company would create a three-dimensional, permanent world where people could work together. The company will be able to create an interactive world for people to work together, he adds. 

Park division’s new chief executive is assembling electronics for animation studios. He is the one assembling the electronics for the studios’ new types of storytelling. The organization appointed a chief executive in media and technology, Mike white. 

Chapek hopes this will be a catalyst for the next five to ten years. He is also thinking of methods that could be applied to create a new dimension of storytelling. Bob Greene: I think we are just in for that. He says we’re in for a surprise. Greene says he’s a good guy, but he doesn’t know what he wants to do.

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