A Digitized Tunku Abdul Rahman Teaches Netizens About The Metaverse


Metaverse Updates: Once in a while, a photograph allows Ivan Khoo to enter his grandmother’s mind when snippets of her memories allow him. Like the ever-forgiving camera shutter, his brain captures hundreds of ideas and tries to save them before they are destroyed.

As a loved one, unacknowledged by time, slips into the abyss, Khoo hopes that the face of a familiar family member can piece together the legend of the patient’s life.

Dementia lurks like a thief in the night to destroy the house built during his lifetime. But Khoo realizes that technology can be a hand to hold the lost in this battle of depression.

When Maxis Bhd approached his company Ministry XR for a Chinese New Year campaign, it raised awareness about depression; Khoo and his team designed a data-driven app called RE: Collection to help patients reflect on depression.

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