Aada Finance is Live and Open for Lending and Borrowing


NFT updates: New fund Bonds allow people to trade loans in the open market. We are ready to roll out Aada Finance and allow new DeFi use cases through credit and borrowing on Cardano. Aada Finance is a decentralized lending protocol built on the Cardano blockchain.

It uses a model called the eUTxO in which they lend and borrow money in small amounts. The unique NFT bond strategy, apart from its first-mover advantage, is one of its superior products. The most recent loan request in NFT is called a BANG protocol. It lets you take liquidation in and out.

This year has been great, with a large amount of activity in the Cardano ecosystem. First, a fully regulated lending borrowing protocol on the blockchain allows for the Cardano ecosystem. Aada finance and the Aade finance V1 API  blockchain will see most DeFi dApps out by the end of the year.

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