New York Fashion Week: Highlights from the Spring-Summer 2023


Metaverse Updates: Jacqui Palumbo is the host of CNN Angela Rees’ CNN Fashion month in New York. The hot JACI WAN wears beaded gowns and digital Tommy Hilfiger. Teamed up with British designer Richard Quinn for a modern take on classic Americana.

Black, white, and gold dominated the presentation at the Nymphon Yard. The collection was inspired by the ancient Greek poet Sappho.  Arca open was attended by Kourtney kline, Kristie Luther king, Emma Watson, and Kate Moss.

Fashion week was an absolute hit after February 19 with a lack of shows from Covid-19 Omicron. Hilfiger and Gonora have teamed up with Roblox to give their collection a ‘Metaverse’ presence.

It is just the first few parts, so I would prefer to be the fashion house that embraces it and will carry it along. We will have to go with it; a Warner Brosi would use Discovery Company.

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