Quant(QNT) Uptrend 15%: Developer of GameFi Ecosystem


Gamefi updates: Quant(QNT) facilitates interaction and has increased by 15% in the last 24 hours. The coin’s value is moving forward, while other symbols are weakening. Since its annual low of $50 in June, the cryptocurrency has been slowly rising, reaching new highs.

Projects like Quant’s blockchain have talked about inter-block communication. The coin’s price has risen from an opening price of less than $1 in 2018 to the current high of $400 in 2021.

The quantum blockchain has emerged to solve the problem of cross-chain communication. Quant defines itself as “the future of finance.”

Quant is a decentralized network that provides a highly interoperable atmosphere to send assets, share information, and guide financial institutions and other business developers in capitalizing on the positive impacts of blockchain technology.

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