Metacade Presale for Web3’s First-Ever P2E Crypto Arcade Raises


Play-to-earn (P2E) blockchain arcade Metacade has launched its much anticipated $MCADE token presale. It is the first-ever community-developed P2E arcade. During Metacade’s Beta Sale, their native utility token sold over $670k in under 2 weeks.  With over 60% sale of the tokens.

The official Metacade website sells $MCADE. With a multitude of ways to earn, play, and connect, this gaming-first platform is positioned to attract gamers, investors, and entrepreneurs alike. GameFi and metaverse enthusiasts should find it useful.

A leading blockchain auditing firm CertiK has audited $MCADE to ensure investor confidence. CertiK is a security-focused platform that analyzes and monitors blockchain protocols. The code behind Metacade has been scrutinized for any weaknesses by CertiK and is highly secure. With Metacade, blockchain gaming is taken to the next level. It goes beyond play-to-earn to provide a place to discover what games are trending, find leaderboards, review games, and access the most advanced GameFi alpha.

$MCADE powers the project’s utility and governance tokens. It allows holders to vote on the project’s future direction and new game proposals, which is crucial for the platform’s functionality. This will be the main method of interacting with the Metacade ecosystem. Holders will be able to enter tournaments, purchase merchandise, and more.

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