PlayMining, a Web3 Entertainment Platform, Launches New Coin Pusher GameFi ‘Lucky Farmer’


Lucky Farmer is a casual coin pusher game with players trying to collect many medals through a slot machine.  The medals can then be exchanged for various items or used to advance pets in the game or participate in weekly ranking competitions. Players can spin a slot machine and get combos such as raining medals, crop growing, or egg dropping.

Aligning pet patterns in the slot machine will activate a pet’s skills, which can trigger dropping crops or eggs on the field. More eggs get a player more numbers, so bingo and Jackpothance will win even more medals. Additionally, players can use tokens to purchase NFTs on the Playmining NFT Marketplace, or they can pick a random NFT to get.

The game uses two different types of NFTs to enhance gameplay – Farmland NFTs and Character NFTs. During ‘Fever Time’ and ‘Jackpot Chance’, players can win DEP tokens directly and access special crops and slot combos via Farmland NFTs. With character NFTs, you can change your avatar, game background, and music. Pairing specific characters and farmland NFTs increases the chances of scoring winning combinations.

Using DEP tokens, players can purchase NFTs on the PlayMining NFT marketplace or get a random NFT or in-game item from a Lucky Box in-game. Other P&E NFT games available on PlayMining include Job Tribes, Cookin’ Burger, Menya Dragon Ramen, Graffiti Racer, and Job Tribes. A PlayMining NFT marketplace lets you buy and use NFTs. In addition to premium artwork NFTs, the NFT market sells NFTs from some of the biggest Japanese video game and anime creators.

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