Introducing TaskOn v1.5.0: Transforming Your Web3 User Growth


TaskOn v1.5.0 brings a new efficient task creation and collaboration platform to Web3. Web3 version of gleam is better; it has many templates for tasks on and off the chain. TaskOn lets you run campaigns to promote your brand, get new users, grow your community, and drive up volume.

It further optimizes the user experience, which not only improves the experience of activity creation and operation but also brings a smooth experience. A wide variety of rewards rules, conditions, and lists for different activities. TaskOn allows you to create activities and rewards with one click. You can increase the usage and NFT minting for your applications/products.

It also monitors for you whether or not API Verified, Special Nft, etc., are working. TaskOn platform is open to the projects and communities of Web3. You can post your activities on the platform for free and enjoy the actual task traffic on their site. If you meet specific criteria, you can publish your activities for free.

TaskOn is a web3 task collaboration platform for marketing and operation. It enables you to efficiently run campaigns to promote your brand, acquire new real users, grow your community, increase volume, and mint NFTs.

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