Fellaz is Preparing to Launch a Web3 Lifestyle Membership Service and an NFT-Based Ticket for a Global EDM Music …


Fellaz wants to introduce a new FFT membership program instead of Web 2, which has cheaply discounted and static benefits. The company takes advantage of the decentralization technology and offers it. It’s a way of boosting your engagement with the brands they love. The protocol allows members to communicate directly with peers with the same membership status. It can also be a premium admission pass to exclusive IRL events or services.

Transactions will be seamless and secure by token gating and NFT verification solution. Exclusive membership from a world-famous music festival brand is going on sale soon. Membership still retains liquidity and marketability if a member opts out. NFT holders can get entry to the big global music festival. Fellaz plans to launch an exclusive membership that will represent a social network of high-profile individuals.

The brand is going to be announced soon. Bobby Bhatia is the CEO at Fellaz. We are paving the way for the next generation of entertainment. Fellaz is an event and digital powerhouse, creating exclusive experiences and making user engagement high. The multimillion-dollar entertainment business uses proprietary technologies and a product aimed to provide the best. Based in Singapore, the company offers an NFT Lifestyle Membership and ticketing service.

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