Affyn Introduces Limited-Edition Singapore ‘Land NFTs’ for Its NEXUS World Metaverse


Land NFT’s role was vital in Nexus world. Affyn has rolled out land NFTs for its product. Singapore becomes the first virtual city to join Nexus World. Many more virtual towns will follow the lead of the company. Affyn has made public the first 2,000 Freehold Land NFTs for Singapore.

Each NFT is tied to a real-world situation. Users with Flags from Affyn’s Flag Sale event can start snapping up Singaporelands NFTs. Land NFT owners could earn income and rewards by renting their land to NEXUS World participants. Land nets offer owners exclusive access to campaigns and events.

Affyn’s Nexus World Metaverse uses AR, blockchain, and mobile geolocation. Land net owners can set up a range of activities and events on their properties. Affyn’s $FYN token can cover real-life expenses. The token can be used to pay for various costs, including medical bills and other expenses, such as rent, utilities, utilities, and additional costs.

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