Unreal Engine Github Plugin To Revolutionise Web3 Games


Game7’s Unreal Engine GitHub plugin is coming to the web3 gaming space in 2023. The plugin is accessible to the gaming community. It will allow blockchain developers to use Unreal for Web3 games seamlessly. Unreal xDJacobC is a plugin that makes developers use blockchain in Unreal Engine.

Before Web 3, there were 100 game developers surveyed about this. The Head of product at the game7 says we are intentional about listening before we act. HyperPlay Game Launcher Game7, releasing early 2023, is compatible with Web3. Players can check the number of NFts and tokens they have received with the plugin.

Game7 is the DAO behind the web3 gaming solution. He is also the developer behind the hyper play and unreal plugins. “DAO” has a mission to cultivate the Web3 gaming space, especially by funding open-source initiatives. Web3Unreal is part of the BitDAO ecosystem focused on open governance in web3.

This is groundbreaking news out of the blockchain gaming space. It will allow developers to produce great blockchain games on the scale.

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