Paradigm shift in PR: Metaverse for 2023


Metaverse is creeping into our lives with each passing day.

We used to send big press releases to have a name in the industry. Throwing live physical events was the only way to gather an audience and give them an experience.

The metaverse is showing new ways to release news into the world. In fact, it is providing new ways that were previously merely discussed and making them practical.

For example, sharing a virtual press release copy through the metaverse. It is far more engaging than sharing it via email. And far less cumbersome than arranging everything for a traditional press release.

The same goes for events. Metaverse offers a digital alternative to physical events. Events in the metaverse are far more engaging and exciting because of the added novelty and the perceived easiness.

We’re still in untested waters. Let’s see if the proposed shifts are implemented.

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