The world’s first “Web3+ Metaverse+NFT+DAO+Gamefi” mashup application Duty – Globle Press release distribution


DCG Group in the crypto industry funds the Duty Lab, which brings together the best technical talents from Asia-Pacific, North America, and Central Europe. The company focuses primarily on research and development of the underlying technologies of the Metaverse and Web3 blockchains. Duty Lab has achieved breakthroughs in public chain bottom protocol, Metaverse bottom technology, and Web3 bottom technology.

Building the infrastructure on the chain for Metaverse and WEB3.0 industries will produce top-notch technical talent across multiple domains and eco-regions. Moreover,  a blockchain collectivist infrastructure based on Metaverse’s high-tech hardware equipment manufacturing industry.

To facilitate transactions in ecological application scenarios, the laboratory developed the Duty Tokens primarily to serve as a bridge for transactions. As a result, users across multiple continents and countries can benefit from the Web3.0 ecological applications more conveniently and efficiently. Consequently, this opens up a channel between virtual and real reality.

Besides covering the entire network space and numerous hardware devices and realistic conditions, this system is extremely open, complex, and huge. A variety of technical skills are available in the laboratory. Moreover, the super-large digital application ecosystem has created a sufficient pool of talent to support the Group’s Web3.0 and Metaverse crypto activities.

To ensure that all participants and users of Defi-3.0 can make good value investments in Duty during the bear market, Duty Laboratories implemented a subversive change mechanism. As part of its commitment to building the Web3.0+ Metaverse + NFT+DAO+Gamefi, Duty Lab will certainly become more widely known in the near future, and we look forward to the miracle it will bring about.

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