Dept launches 300-strong metaverse and Web3 unit


Web3/dept has unveiled its new Metaverse and Web3 unit. Web3/dept is a new unit for the web3 and web3 divisions. The new unit will be called web3dep, and it has 300 individuals and has been responsible for 5% of Dept’s revenue this year. Also, they are introducing Web3 Labs, which can help customers and employees understand the Web3 system.

Web3 and the metaverse are the two transformational technological evolutions of the next decade, says sabel Perry, vice president of web3/dept. The agency is responsible for several immersive experiences across the web, AR/VR/XR, gaming, and the metaverse. The agency helped build the first-ever crypto bank with CircleSince then; the agency has built expertise in blockchain applications and marketplaces.

Founded in 2015, Dept comprises more than 3,500 people in 17 countries across five continents and hit US$500 million in revenue this year. The agency is confident it has the right mix of clients and revenue streams for growth when times get tough. Dept’s global CEO Dimi Albers is bullish on APAC acquisition plans. Hello Monday joins forces with Dept with Metaverse Practice launch . ‘metaverse practice’ is a metaverse practice that aims to create immersive experiences.

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