This Eco-Friendly Crypto is Listing on an Exchange Imminently.


IMPTIo was one of the hottest crypto presales of the year. 1000 UCT is happening on Wednesday, 14th December, and Io’s IMPT token will go on LBank.  This marks the first time the project’s tokens have traded on any crypto.

IMPT’s first listing price has been set 10% higher than the token in the last stage of the presale. The carbon credit market’s size is expected to be 100x in valuation over the next few decades. IMPTIo is a blockchain carbon credit trading platform designed to make it easier for businesses and consumers to offset their carbon footprint. IMPTio is more than a carbon credit marketplace.

The project seeks to incentivize consumers to “responsible shopping” with environmentally-conscious brands. Users can then hold onto these carbon credit NFTs, trade them on the IMPTS marketplace, or burn them. Io score goes up each time a user shops and accumulates IMPT tokens. Bringing the platform into their stores will also boost their score. BCoinSniper and hacken are well-respected firms that only approve good crypto projects.

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