Southeast Asian GameFi Dominance to Further Expand with DEA / YGG SEA Strategic Partnership


Play-and-earn (P&E) games have been hailed as Southeast Asia’s ‘global capital’ (SEA), with GameFi expected to take off with vigor in the region by 2022. The widespread adoption of digital technology in SEA makes it an ideal environment for developing blockchain games. People living in poverty may benefit from P&E incentives to supplement their income.

Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA) and Yield Guild Games Southeast Asia (YGG SEA) have partnered to promote and expand PlayMining GameFi throughout SEA with a strategic partnership. This partnership is a major boom for NFT gaming in SEA since YGG SEA is a subsidiary of Yield Guild Games, the world’s largest P2E gaming guild.

PlayMining’s NFT games will soon onboard on YGG SEA’s game platform such as Job Tribes, Cookin’ Burger, Menya Dragon Ramen, Graffiti Racer, and Lucky Farmer. In PlayMining games, players earn DEAPcoin ($DEP) tokens that can be traded on popular crypto exchanges or used to buy NFTs.

Promoting GameFi in SEA will be part of the partnership between the two companies. In addition to joint marketing initiatives, PlayMining will conduct educational online and offline events to reach out to gamers who haven’t tried GameFi yet. PlayMining and YGG SEA will help poor people and spread the word about NFT’s economic benefits as part of their charity activities in Southeast Asia. By delivering lunch boxes to impoverished Indonesian students in October of this year, the two companies already worked together on such a project.

In addition to lending out gaming NFTs to onboard new players, YGG SEA is committed to promoting GameFi’s equal opportunities to marginal communities. As people enter the metaverse, which can be confusing, YGG SEA strives to simplify the introduction process. Through fair digital asset ownership, PlayMining will be able to promote social good throughout Southeast Asia, according to DEA CSO Tatsuya Kohrogi. In addition to helping the needy, DEA is dedicated to furthering social good.

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