SmarterWorx ICO Makes Waves With Fractionalized NFT Protocol


SmarterWorx allows you to access the world of fine art easily with blockchain. The Ethereum token ARTX is useable in the metaverse and the real world. You can use ArtX to purchase and sell art, sculptures, paintings, and rare collectibles. SmarterWorx digitizes your artwork for use as NFTs. The company does not only buy art once; they study the market and buy new items regularly to grow their investment.

SmarterWorx uses cutting-edge technology, which allows it to digitize the art. It lets you trade items quickly and securely. A revolutionary consensus mechanism that doesn’t rely on an exchange of completed blocks enables Fantom to process transactions quickly. Some assert that FTM is already a substantial project and that the price drops are simply the outcome of more significant matters in the cryptocurrency industry.

If its industry continues to grow, it could go even higher in the bull market. decentraland lets you create, experience, and monetize content and applications in 3D . the platform uses nonfungible tokens to represent virtual land parcels that users can purchase, sell and trade. The popularity of NFTs continues to grow; we can expect to see more platforms such as SmarterWorx.

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