Open Source Competitor to Google Maps


Google Maps has become synonymous with online maps. For 15 years, Google has been in control of this sector.

But the hegemony is about to end as Linux team, with other developers, is bringing an open-source competitor to the game.

Overture Maps Foundation is a collaboration between tech giants like Amazon, Microsoft, Linux, and Tom Tom.

This collaboration is meant to end the Google Maps monopoly by taking online maps a step further. Maps have become significant in the broader spectrum because they not only help with invagination. But also facilitate self-driving technology, just to name a modern usage.

Companies need the new mapping system for their own gain. And at the same time, it could help the normal man by ensuring their data isn’t exploited easily.

Meta plans to add these maps to its Metaverse. Amazon wants to use these for its automated delivery drones. And Tom Tom wants its market share back, which it lost to Google Maps.

So will this collaboration work? Let’s see how everything pans out.

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