Digital Entertainment Asset Secures $10M from LDA Capital to Expand its GameFi Platform


PlayMining NFT gaming platform operator Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA) has secured a US$10 million investment from LA-based LDA Capital. Rakuten Capital, less than a month ago, make a minority investment.

DEA is a Singapore-based global Web3 entertainment company founded in 2018. PlayMining includes a growing selection of P&E games, the PlayMining NFT marketplace, and the in-development PlayMining Verse metaverse. Moreover,  the DEAPcoin ($DEP) token manages intellectual property (IP) monetization for content creators. In addition to accelerating the company’s business and market expansion, the investment will help optimize the development of the Web3 entertainment platform.

The LDA is pleased to provide flexible growth capital to DEA, which is advancing its innovative approach to content monetization and peer-to-peer gaming. With its cash flow-generating business model and solid user base, DEA continues to differentiate itself as a market leader.

It is DEA’s pleasure to receive funding from LDA Capital, especially in the current bear market conditions,” said DEA’s co-founder and co-CEO Naohito Yoshida. “We have been rapidly developing our catalog of Play-and-Earn NFT games, which is now enjoyed by 2.6 million users worldwide.” By obtaining this additional funding, we will be able to develop our platform and expand our market. Moreover, we continue to pursue strategic partnerships to broaden our ecosystem and consolidate a leadership position within the Web3 entertainment industry.

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